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Many firms develop Google business listings to increase their ranking on Google. If you are a business owner, you may not realize that building a business profile doesn't get you management. If you want your business profile to work for you as an effective SEO, you need those management and editing capabilities. And lead generation tools.

So how do you manage your Google business profile? The answer is, in addition to creating a free business profile; you should also start a free Google My Business account for that profile separately.

What is Google My Business?

GMB (Google My Business) is an important advertising tool. With GMB, you can update your business information on Google; Appears on Google Maps; Let customers make reservations, get directions or call your locations directly; And engage with existing and potential customers through their Google reviews.

How do you use Google My Business to market your business?

So we've established that Google My Business is not your business profile but a tool that helps you increase your business profile visibility and effectiveness. Here are four main ways you can use Google My Business to list your profile on Google as a good local marketing tool.

Engage with customers

There are many ways customers can interact with your business profile, and you use your Google My Business account to re-engage with them. You can respond to reviews, answer questions, enable live messaging and set up relevant notifications. You can use Google My Business to publish posts on your business profile, just like you would on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Your Google My Business Dashboard is where you can respond to reviews, publish posts, and answer questions on your business profile.

Highlight your business

Only business profiles include a limited amount of information about your organization. But through your Google My Business account dashboard, you can provide hours, links to your website, products, prices, attributes, and other details that make your business unique. You will also use your Google My Business to make the necessary edits and updates.

The entire business profile offers a complete snapshot of your business, including its best features, even in the SERP.

Gain insight

You can use Google My Business Dashboard to get critical insights on your audience and local search performance. In the Platform's Analysis tab, you can see the queries customers are using to find your business profile, whether they've found you on Google Maps or Google Search, analyze the actions on your listing and how your photos are performing compared to your photos.

Other profiles in your category. Also, note that there are ways to track clicks from business profiles via UTM parameters and Google Analytics.

Do local SEO

Just as Google has algorithms for ranking its ads and websites, it also has a business profile ranking. With your Google My Business Dashboard, you can add keywords to your business profile and perform other optimizations to help you rank in local results, which we'll cover later.

Google My Business can help you optimize your business profile to appear in reputable 3-packs.

How to promote local business by using Google my business?

Google business profiles are dynamic. Not only do they change the form based on the platform, but Google will focus on the sections of your profile according to the search terms and the type of information most important to the customers in your category. Even better, Google will promote keywords in the content of your profile that it deems relevant.

But to prioritize, you need to have information, and in the first place, your profile should have exciting keywords. Just as you (or your agency) use a content management system like Word Press to optimize your website for search engines, Google My Business is used to optimize your profile and increase your reach.

Google My Business for local SEO

Optimizing for Google is optimizing for searchers. It all comes down to three things in common: targeting, quality of information, and trust.

Target your information

To use Google My Business for SEO, include relevant keywords in your business profile to tell Google what you're trying to rank for. Use them in your "business" descriptions, your responses to reviews, answers to questions, and in the posts you publish. Make sure you include them naturally, just like any other SEO strategy.

Include keywords in your description, editable via your Google My Business Dashboard.

Maintain information quality

The completeness and accuracy of your business profile affect its rank, so be sure to include the requested information in each section of your Google My Business dashboard. Your contact information, special hours, and attributes are essential here.

Build trust

The ultimate approach to using Google My Business for SEO appeals to the trustworthiness of Google's algorithms. Keep your information up-to-date and accurate as your business grows. Continue a steady stream of reviews and respond to them. Also, notify Google that you're active by regularly uploading photos and publishing posts to your business profile through Google My Business.