How Apple’s iOS 14 Update Will Affect Facebook and Instagram Advertisers

All the major digital platforms you use, they mostly have an inbuilt tracker. Which helps that particular platform or app to detect your interests and behavior along with activities you have done. Let’s create a scenario of this, you go to one coffee shop website which is near your home. After some scrolling through you close that website and start using Instagram and see the advertising of the same shop. This is because that website has a special code that was given by the platform, in this case, its Facebook. 

Now imagine if you were not tracked when you visited the website. Yes, no advertisement of that coffee shop. This is what Apple’s ios14 update is all about. You will not get followed and gather data of other activities.

Apple’s new update is asking users whether they want to get tracked or not by apps. This will avoid certain data collection and sharing unless users ‘allow’ to track on iOS 14. This will create some difficulties for advertisers. By tracking, small to big scale businesses were getting benefits because of more personalized advertising.

This update mostly affects the ‘Conversion’ campaigns. Facebook can't leverage the data from the websites. iOS 14 changes will impact how Facebook can receive and create conversion events from the Facebook pixel. Actions such as view content, add to cart, checkout, purchase and other similar events will be under-reported if users choose the option of not to track. 

Advertising based on Pixel lists, which shows website visitors who have shown interest in some product will not get to your lists due to the new limitations in tracking. This will affect your remarketing strategy, a must-have campaign to create more interest in buyers' minds. But Facebook has said that lookalike audiences are not expected to be affected. If advertisers use lookalike audiences there is a good chance of reaching the interested people and getting good results. 

There will be people who will Allow to track and share data with Facebook. But a new update from Apple will share this data after three days. The real-time data of the user will not be given to Facebook. Also, the Audience network of Facebook will see significantly fewer numbers of people. Thus, using the Audience network can affect the results. 

Facebook is trying its best to give advertisers the best. But increasing the number of Apple users and providing privacy measures is giving advertisers a tough time. On the other hand, Facebook is modifying how their pixel collects data and creating some new statistical models to fill the data gap. As an advertiser, we can create an audience taking the new update in mind. We can use reach campaigns and traffic-based campaigns which are not depending on Pixel data. Let’s understand and create different strategies to make the campaign fruitful.