Digital Marketing Vs Social Media Marketing

Do you know that 8/10 people assume that Digital Marketing is the same as Social Media Marketing?
Are you also one of them?

Don’t worry, read this blog till the end and we assure you that henceforth you will understand the difference between digital marketing and social media marketing

Let’s make it easy for you through this small conversation between a Digital Marketing Manager and his new client, who is also unaware of this difference. Let’s hear them out.

 Client: What are some of the best digital marketing services that you can provide?

●  Digital Marketing Manager: Sure Sir, to list few of our services that will help your Brand are as follows
○ Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
○ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
○ Pay Per Click Advertising
○ Video Marketing
○ Email Marketing
○ Affiliate Marketing
○ Social Media Marketing
○ Content Marketing and Curation
○ Mobile Marketing

●  Client: Aren’t digital marketing and social media marketing supposed to mean the same thing?

●  Digital Marketing Manager: No Sir, let me explain to you the difference between digital marketing and social media marketing
in a simple way. Digital Marketing is a big tree and Social Media Marketing is a branch of it, which occupies it vastly.

●  Client: Oh I see, that’s the reason why we are often confused between digital marketing and social media marketing

●  Digital Marketing Manager: Precisely Sir. As they utilize the same Internet Space, connecting on social media platforms is easy for new upcoming marketers. A larger audience is readily available on these social platforms not just for entertainment but also to find solutions to their search findings. Everyone finds it easy to sell as understanding the audience and interacting with them becomes convenient.

Social media’s platform boundaries got expanded in the Lockdown phase when everyone thought of giving a voice to their Brand but didn't knew HOW? So something that was most convenient, accessible, and most important of all, the platforms that were used by the maximum public was the most preferable option by all. Today we can see that the use of social media is not just limited to “Entertainment”; It’s expanding!

The purpose of digital marketing is to grow sales and profits, create brand awareness and customer trust, create value, and much more. Those who manage digital media strategy for a particular brand or organization, are responsible for testing strategies, measuring analytics, and making campaign changes to determine what strategies work best for a brand or business. They use tools like search engine optimization (SEO) tools, content creation tools, targeted social media marketing, paid social media marketing, website analytics, and the list goes on.

Out of all the strategies informed by the Digital Marketing Manager to his client in the conversation above, let’s dive deep into what all strategies are included in social media marketing, so that will help you show the difference between digital marketing and social media marketing:

Social media marketing strategy includes
●  Customer engagement
●  Follower analytics
●  Collaborations with industry influencers
●  Give aways and contests
●  Attention-grabbing content
●  Organic and paid marketing

Digital marketers customize their digital media strategy for every social platform and may not necessarily utilize all of the above, as it depends on the budget, targeted audience, and what the brand stands for. Digital marketing is necessary today as customers prefer to do research before buying a particular product. With this kind of marketing, businesses look into finding solutions for customers’ pain points and offer a piece of better information than others.

So even if you have a team of professionals to manage digital marketing for your brand or not, understand the basic difference between digital marketing and social media marketing and create the digital marketing strategy and social media strategy for your brand accordingly.

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